I didn’t go running the last couple of mornings and could feel myself slipping a little in terms of motivation and self discipline. So when my alarm went off at 6.30am this morning I adopted a technique which I read about last week, and it honestly works in all parts of life. Especially when it comes to not drinking.

I came across it in Catherine Grey’s book The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober (which I know I’ve mentioned a few times already) . And it’s honestly like that something just clicked.. Why has this not occurred to me before? When I think about it maybe I have but not in a mindful way, but more by chance.

What I’m talking about is that voice in your head. The one that encourages you to do things or make certain decisions which aren’t always the most beneficial to your well being. In her book Catherine talks about naming this voice, give it a character like the baddie in a film (OK i added that last part). Personally I call mine Satan. The key is to shut it down as soon as it starts to whisper to you. Not today Satan, not today.

Let me use this morning as an example. I knew if I gave myself even a second to consider the alternatives I wouldn’t have gotten up at 6.30am to go for my run. It’s that same voice that weighs up the pro’s of ‘just having that one drink’. And if you give that voice an inch, it will take a mile. So as soon as my alarm went off, and without hesitation I actually said to myself [out loud] ‘Get yourself out of bed and go for that run’. If I hadn’t I would have laid there picturing how awful it would be, to be out in the cold and dark in order to convince myself to stay in bed that extra half an hour. It worked.

It is such a beautiful day today, but especially this morning with it’s mysterious fog resting on top of dew covered grass tops. I try to always walk the slightly longer way to the station in the morning to get some extra steps in and collect my thoughts before braving the heaving tube. As well as this I have also been listening to many podcasts (Check out Dr Chatterjee’s Podcast) which talk about the importance of day light. Not only does it supply us with the much needed vitamin D but it also helps to keep our body clock on track. So I try to get a half an hour to an hour walk in on my lunch break most days, to get out of the office, put my phone away and take the time to notice what’s around me, maybe smile at a passer by or two (I know, didn’t mean to scare you). Even though I work pretty centrally there’s always new things to discover, from quirky architecture to innate gardens or even the smallest of plants setting down root within aged brick walls.

I think it’s super important to ensure that you find a good balance in life, especially in regards to work. I don’t know about you but I work in an office which isn’t the best for your outer or inner health, so I try to think of new ways to break up my time spent sat at my desk. Taking regular breaks, drinking lots of water etc. The next goal of mine is too increase my creativity, which since giving up drinking is just screaming out for attention. Now to find something to channel it into…

2 comments on “Not today Satan

  1. Here’s your creativity in action. Really enjoyed seeing these photos of London, as well as reading your writing. I love to smile at people as I pass them by too, and LOVE it when people smile back.

    Hello from Sydney where it’s been raining all day and we are SO grateful. And my voice got me down to the sea for a rainy day swim – excellent.

    1. Yes perhaps you’re right! It does feel good to get thoughts down on [digital] paper haha. I am such a water baby I always miss the sea, lovely to hear you live so close. Something quite special about swimming in the sea when it’s raining 🙂 Keep smiling! K

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