‘Let me give you some really good advice. Be the rabbit. The humble bunny can outwit all of his enemies. He’s brave, and sneaky, and strong.’

Following on from yesterdays post you may not recognise the quote above, which means you’re still yet to see the fantastic Jojo Rabbit (check out the trailer). It was a really funny, sentimental and heartfelt film, definitely one to watch if you need some cheering up!

I’ve been trying to maintain a very steady routine, especially during the week in order to keep myself in check. I’ts easy to be tempted to fall back into old habits when you’re overly tired or stressed, so my focus has been on spending more time at home in the evenings and prioritising sleep. But then again you’ve also got to live a little and not let yourself get too sucked into extremes. Which I know I can be very guilty of, and then punishing myself if I even slightly put a foot wrong.

So last night we headed to the cinema for 8.15pm but the film didn’t start until around 8.45pm (wild!). I actually took the decision to walk there which took about 25 minutes (at top speed), as well as walking back which is totally unlike the old me who would have most likely got the fastest, laziest mode of transport. I’m really enjoying my new-found love for walking and the outdoors. Not sure you can call central London the outdoors but I’m going with it.

I don’t know if it’s due to quitting alcohol or not but it seems like certain cravings have lessened. For example at the cinema all I could imagine drinking was water, and when I tried some Cola it didn’t appeal to me at all. Weird. But weird is good.                            Today is day 10 of giving up alcohol and cigarettes and I have to say the benefits thus far outweigh the negatives ten fold. I’m much more on top of things in general, I don’t avoid my Whatsapp because of anxiety and my outlook has really lifted. Even though I still have some ongoing personal problems they don’t actually feel as bad. 

I do have a bit of a challenge later as I have my hair appointment and I’m usually offered a glass of wine or two. So to tackle this today I brought a book with me (The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober it’s only £3.00 on Amazon right now) which I’m really enjoying and highly recommend. And I’ve actually been hoping for some down time so I can get some solid reading time in.

Like I’ve mentioned previously, reading and picking writing back up has been a really good outlet for me, and it’s a great way to explore your thoughts and emotions. Whether you write in a personal journal, blog or even share your thoughts in a Facebook Group it all counts. On that note I am making a page of ‘useful stuff‘ where I’ll include a list of books, podcasts groups and clubs that I’ve found helpful and you might too. Also please do feel free to share your own recommendations if you have any.

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