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Another hangover free weekend

I’m pleased to report that this weekend turned out to be pretty lovely actually. I woke up feeling fresh and hangover free on Saturday (still savouring that feeling). Made some breakfast and watched the remainder of my movie from the night before. For some reason around lunch time I felt a smidge of anxiety setting in just as I was about to head out which set me back a bit. So I didn’t get out until around 2.30/3pm. Luckily I didn’t have a hectic day planned out but I wanted to head to Stoke Newington to check out the Flea Market they had on this weekend.

I recently made a pact with myself that I would take the bus instead of the tube if the distance was within reason. Not only because it’s cheaper but also because it helps to get a better sense of how the city is put together. I should definitely know London better by now than I do after 5 years but I’ve been too busy being on the tube, or drunk/ hungover in taxis. It was only when I got on the bus and checked City Mapper that I realised just how close I live to Stoke Newington and I could have in-fact walked. That’s even one up on taking the bus! So I made a mental note to walk home instead.

The Flea Market was a very condensed treasure trove of trinkets, records and vintage clothing, but I still had this niggling sense of social anxiety and even though I was dressed head to toe in my usual black on black attire, I still felt like I stood out like a sore thumb. You may relate to this irrational feeling. Feels a bit stupid even writing it because it’s not as if I don’t think people have anything better to do than to notice me skulking around, but it’s just one of those nonsensical things you feel now and again.

I probably stayed less than 10 minutes as it was impossible to move around in there let alone get close enough to look at anything. But I was still glad that I went along. That’s one of the other pacts I’ve made with myself. Now that I don’t suffer from gut wrenching hangovers I like to stick to plans.

Whilst on the bus on the way there I saw that there was a big park with duck ponds nearby so I decided to stroll past on my way home. It was such a beautiful crisp sunny day with lots of couples and families around, and most importantly dog walkers. There is nothing better than a good bit of dog spotting when you don’t have a dog yourself. Seeing the pure joy on their little faces as they race around the field spraying mud all over their owners. Saw a really good boy with a neckerchief. You cannot beat a doggo in a neckerchief. You just can’t.

After the park I walked towards home, down the tree lines streets and huge Victorian houses with large windows. And yes I may have had a little peek into a couple, but they just look so inviting! I sound creepy. I’m not, I just have a huge appreciation for, well, everything these days. I like to look and notice things. And there is something just so romantic about London architecture.

Once I got back into my own neighbourhood I decided to stock up on some snacks and dinner bits and have a cosy night in. I also quite fancied a glass of something so I had a look in Waitrose and Tesco. Waitrose had a non alcoholic white wine which was a bit overpriced in my opinion, and as I quite liked the red that I got from Tesco the weekend before (don’t judge me too hard as I know it’s not to everyones taste but at £3.50 you can’t go far wrong), I thought I would try the rose version… let’s just say I wish I’d gone for a nice sparkling elderflower. Live and learn! Kind of nice to have this whole new world open up of new things to try – good and bad!

I was up early on Friday, I woke up at 7am with the intention to go for a run but turns out that the weather had a different idea. Yes it may have been a slight excuse not to go but I wont beat myself up about it. You know that when they name a storm it’s bad. And I love a storm. They make for the cosiest days, especially when they fall on a Sunday.. mmm. So I set myself up at my desk with my breakfast and a cup of tea and did some writing. My desk is situated perfectly next to one of the big original windows. Not great for insulation but great for watching the steady flow of rain and leaves being whisked around by the wind.

And that was really how my Sunday continued on. I was in my absolute element, hair up in a messy bun, joggers and a sweatshirt on as well as some fluffy socks with sticky pads on the bottom. Yes I’m aware of my age.I finished off the day with an early night and was in bed by 10.30pm. It does not get any better than that! Oh how times have changed..

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