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I just posted a question about alcohol free drinks in one of the sobriety forums called Talking Sober, but thought I would share it here too as I’m really interested to see if anyone else feels the same. I’m actually really enjoying the old school vibes of some of the forums mixed in with the Facebook Groups etc. I’m even trying to get my head around Reddit but I’ve got far to go yet with that one haha.

Okay, so let’s talk about cravings. 18 days ago I quit both alcohol and cigarettes and I am finding that cigarettes have been the hardest part of all this by a mile. But what’s really come as a surprise to me is that I’ve managed to transfer a lot of my wine cravings to.. (and get this) alcohol free wine! I am as shocked as the next person. I actually feel that having a glass of non alcoholic wine when I get home at the end of a long and stressful day in the city has somehow had a placebo effect on my brain.

Now I’m not saying that any of these AF wines are fantastic as I haven’t actually tried that many yet. But I am really pleased that they are available, and for a much cheaper price point too! (Just don’t get the rose from Tesco that is by far the worst, and try to stick to reds). Making the discovery of alcohol free drinks is definitely easing the transition easier for me. Also as a side note I’m not what you would classically describe as an alcoholic but it definitely has an incredibly negative impact in all parts of my life.

Of course I’m not just limiting myself to AF wine but I like to have a bottle of it in the fridge should fancy it. I also quite like to have an AF beer now and again but more so if I’m out socialising rather than at home. I feel so lucky that we have so much choice now in terms of not just alcohol free drinks but also being able to connect with similar minded people with such ease.

So with this in mind does anyone else who is in a similar situation as myself find AF drinks to help, or is it too much of a reminder of the real Mccoy?

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